Transformative Times

happy new year 2020

Transformative times call for transformative measures. With so much up in the air and so much uncertainty we don’t know who to trust or what to believe. You might have this same dynamic going on within yourself. As you continue on the path to discovering your own personal truth, you may find yourself struggling with many varying points of view. Some are dug so deep in the collective that they just become normal. Others may be carried on by our families or peers. So the question is, what is it that your heart and soul truly align with? What feels right for you? You may find that at this point in your life you don’t fit in that same box anymore. Is it time to unlearn some things you thought were true? What else is possible here? We have the power to choose. A core principle in Chinese medicine is that the mind and body and spirit are one. So when we come into alignment with our true nature and our true selves through the power of an open mind, our bodies become more vital, and more light can shine through. Wishing everyone deep peace in these turbulent times. Stay strong. Know you are loved and know we will get through this.

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