January 2021 New Moon

happy new year 2020

The new moon in Gate 61, Inner Truth, calls for us to continue to do some inner visioning for ourselves. It is a time for true introspection, but also a visioning for the future. This is not a time to be putting plans in motion just yet. That time is coming soon. We are gearing up for the true start of a new year cycle which begins on February 12 (year of the metal ox).

2021 is an exciting year. And while the whole theme of last year was all about finding our inner truth, this year will add more energy of rapid growth and breaking through obstacles for deep inner healing that will prepare us for times to come. You may find you have suppressed emotions and issues coming up to the surface to be healed. But instead of looking at them as “problems”, think of them as issues to which you need to find creative solutions. Remember when you do the work on yourself to heal and grow, you in turn also help all of humanity.

So take this time and the energy of this new moon to rest and be creative. These next couple of weeks will be intense out there, as you know. So self-care, visioning and setting goals, creative energy and extracting solutions is key. And self-care, did I mention self care?? Remember SELF-CARE! Much love and PEACE 💕✨

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