Nancy R. Radice


Nancy has made it her life mission to discover exactly what true health is. In this quest, she has discovered the undeniable relationship between mind, body, and spirit primarily through the education and practice of Chinese Medicine as well as many other powerful mind-body techniques and therapies. She has a deeply sensitive and highly intuitive way of teaching people the power of healing their mindset as well as their bodies in order to express the highest potential of what it really means to be human.

Nancy has earned a Master’s Degree of Oriental Medicine from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, NM where she received a strong foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in 2003. Prior to this training, she studied three years of Chinese and Japanese body therapies and earned a degree in Shiatsu massage from the Meridian Shiatsu Institute in Wayne, PA in 1998.

Dr. Nancy Radice

Her clinical experience includes two years at the IICM Santa Fe Community Clinic and six months at St. Vincent’s hospital rehabilitation department before returning to Philadelphia where she took the position of acupuncturist at Collaborative Care of Abington for two years. In December of 2004, she joined Acupuncture Medical Practice in Philadelphia where she practiced until 2018. Solaris Acupuncture was established in Devon, PA in May of 2010 and is now her primary office.

Nancy continues to expand on her knowledge and expertise while doing a continuing study in acupuncture, body-mind connection techniques, NET,®  Access Consciousness,® PSYCK-K,® and is a Level 4 Human Design practitioner. She has established a reputation for being the psychologist of the body, using a very somatic approach to healing.

The atmosphere is laid-back and comfortable; Nancy is very professional and listens to what you say. I would definitely go back again!

– DAWN, U.

 Her specialties include pain syndromes (headache, arthritis, back/neck pain, IBS, etc.), allergy elimination treatment for adults & children, mental and emotional disorders (anxiety, insomnia, depression), and treatment for highly sensitive people.

Nancy is Nationally Board Certified in Oriental Medicine (acupuncture and herbology) and PA State licensed in acupuncture and is also a certified NAET® practitioner. She uses a gentle approach to healing and extends warmth and safety for you to release unwanted tensions and experience better harmony in the body, mind, and spirit so that your path to health can become easier and brighter.