I couldn’t take the sharp debilitating pain in my trapezius any longer and out of convenience, I walked down the street to see Nancy. Little did I know, seeing her would change my life—that was over seven years ago. I’d seen other acupuncturists for the same pain but it never really worked until Nancy. I was seeing her weekly at that time and the relief was almost immediate. I was 100% pain-free within weeks. I continued to see Nancy once a month for maintenance and that sharp pain never returned. Nancy again worked a miracle four years ago when my husband and I decided to start a family in our early 40s. I don’t fully understand what Nancy did for us, but I believe wholeheartedly that it was thanks to the fertility doctor and Nancy that we have a miracle daughter after only one round of IVF and only one egg in our basket. I believe we beat the odds with Nancy’s care and attention. She’s not only an acupuncturist, she’s a great listener, a life coach, and a genuinely kind and caring person. With all of the life stresses, I am grateful for my time on Nancy’s table!

Rita T

Nancy, unlike other acupuncturists I have been to, looks “outside the box”. She is in tune with the rhythms of your body and works with the patient, not against the patient’s needs and comfort zones. She is very knowledgeable in her field which is crucial in identifying methods of treatment. She is tireless in her efforts when you are in distress. Her ability to heal people is immeasurable. She is a gift to this world.



How does the Buddha saying go…something like this; When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Nancy is that teacher who lights the way. A true healer. I began treatments with her in early 2019. She would spend the first 10-15 minutes just listening. Taking it all in. She is compassionate and kind. She would make small suggestions when warranted. Then she would begin the acupuncture treatments based on what we decided to work on. It is so relaxing. I left feeling lighter as if a burden was lifted. My anxiety levels dropped and I felt better prepared to manage. Fast forward a year and a half and I’m not the same person. Much more confident, better able to handle inner personal relationships, and physically lighter and energetic. Nancy, thank you so very much! I’m so grateful for you and your practice!

Eileen M

I can’t quite believe it, but this is the first morning I’ve awakened without my stomach burning! And, I even stayed up drinking wine and visiting with friends until almost 1:00 AM! Thank you so much.


Huntington Valley

Nancy has been a blessing in my life. Solaris Acupuncture has changed me and my health! I’m so grateful!

Amy B

Nancy is very professional and has a calming effect.

Lisa C

I love being taken care of by Nancy. Her knowledge and intuition, paired with a very caring attitude and an open mind make her an excellent healer.



The atmosphere is laid-back and comfortable. Nancy is very professional and listens to what you say. I would definitely go back again!

Dawn U

I feel exceptionally well after my acupuncture session with you. I went for a nice long walk and had no body shakiness or anxiety at all. I also haven’t had any other symptoms that I often have throughout the day. It’s so wonderful to feel this good and I just hope it lasts for a while because it gives me hope that I will one day get past all of this and actually get my sleep back too. Thanks so much for an amazing treatment today, I really can’t thank you enough.

Tammi C

I feel that Nancy can truly tune in to the source of the issues and facilitate the clearing process.

Maria M

I do not know what you did yesterday but I feel amazing today! I ate my salad for dinner last night and again at lunch today with vinegar. I had no reaction. My cold is completely gone. I have had no congestion at all today. It is amazing! I am looking forward to my next treatment. Thank you so much!

Joann G.

She listens to my needs and answers all my questions. She is very personable and attentive. I am already recommending her and acupuncture to friends and family.

Mark K

You will feel a difference, which is a very good feeling.

Deborah M

I had a lovely first experience. Nancy is sweet, everything was perfect. I’ll be going back soon.

Drew D

I’ve been going to Nancy for acupuncture for almost two years. She’s great and really tries to make me feel as comfortable as possible during my visits. I’m sure the sessions are different for everyone depending on their pain issues. For me, I usually have a 30-minute acupuncture session (usually focused on my shoulders, feet, or back) followed up with cupping on my back.

I believe the combination of my new medication and the acupuncture sessions with Nancy has really helped. Acupuncture isn’t a cure for me, but it definitely helps me manage my joint pain and the flare-ups I still have on occasion. Overall, I feel much better than I did two years ago.

In fact, during my last visit, I had been experiencing joint pain in my hand and it was pretty swollen by the time I got to the office. Nancy focused the session around that, and when she took the needles out afterward, the swelling was completely gone. I don’t know why it works, but it does.

Alicia O

Wayne, PA

I started seeing Nancy for severe migraine headaches for which I have suffered from for as long as I can remember. Without going into much detail, I tried EVERYTHING—nothing worked. After a few visits, my headaches had subsided. No migraines—I couldn’t believe it! The once crippling headaches that kept me from going to work or anything else I wanted or needed to do were gone. I started going for what I call upkeep or maintenance. On one visit I had mentioned to Nancy how my back has been really hurting and that I had been seeing a chiropractor for two weeks who then referred me to my MD who referred me to physical therapy. But after two acupuncture treatments, my back was totally fine. I also suffer from anxiety and I am peri-menopausal. Nancy is working with me on these issues and can tell you it is working. She is more than a healer, she should be a therapist. She is so easy to talk to. I never feel as comfortable anywhere as I feel when I am there for treatment. If anyone at all hesitates to have acupuncture, I can tell you it is the greatest thing I have ever done for myself in my life and Nancy makes it a great experience. She is calming and she truly cares about you and that you feel good about yourself and your life, and don’t we all want that? I never knew I could feel so good.



Nancy Radice is not tethered to this earth, to this realm. She embodies it. She becomes it. She is the definition of that which binds the earth and the sky together and she holds each of her sessions with a set of truths.

I am suffering. She cannot end my suffering or cure my disease. No, Nancy Radice becomes an eternal partner in my discovery and maintains her integrity and truth along the way. Filled with compassion suitable and to be expected from one far older, yet Nancy embodies the simple elements of a sage, old crone from which she encourages me to draw energy and strength as well as perspective.

Indeed, Nancy helped me reframe, through various techniques from massage to acupressure, from regression to running the bars, the very essence of my transactions with Life and all of its players. Through the process, I rediscovered the being inside of me who holds compassion and grace, strength and commitment, passion and courage, all because Nancy helped me see the truth of where I was and how my life was and who I had become, but not more than that. I didn’t make it worse than it was and Nancy encouraged me to allow my process to forgive and move along with dignity. No wallowing in the mire and no get fixed quick scheme either for me.

I sought out Nancy Radice for her ability to run the bars and void my energy of excess kinetic charge. She helped me find my balance again. I was searching for a medium of sorts who could grasp whatever it was that was fueling the state of mind and physiology I kept defaulting back to. Nancy took on the role with an elegant simplicity and acceptance. She is your defender. She is your coach. Nancy becomes your confidante and will confidently proceed through your troubled waters and encourage you on your journey to redraft the blueprint for the bridge you are looking for.

Unassuming, Nancy Radice has an entire portfolio of techniques and approaches which she offers in accordance with what her clients want and need based on the mutual understanding that the process be joyful. That is not to say there is no pain, but to maintain that, on the other side of the pain, is a Life once recognized as my own and it has been and is once again one filled with joy. Thank you, Nancy.

Nicholas W

Twenty years ago I was introduced to NET and I had a few treatments each year with another practitioner. But she moved away and in my search for a new practitioner, I found Nancy (about 2 years ago). I came to Nancy feeling fatigued and sick and really not happy with my life at all. She suggested we do a Bars session. I can honestly say that the first Bars session was life-altering for me. I had not felt that good in 10 years. We worked on some shame that I had been carrying for a long time. NET confirmed that clearing suppressed childhood trauma offered better physical and emotional health. But then the Bars accelerated this, and only after a few treatments! I was able to shed 50 lbs., move to a new city (which had been a long-time goal of mine), and most importantly disengage from someone who had a stealth controlling hold over me. There’s no more emotion around it and no more taking it personally. At 60 years old now, I only wish I had done this sooner!

Nancy offers a safe environment and is an excellent guide as you go through this process. Today I am so joyful and excited about the future. And I am most grateful to Nancy for her dedication to healing. Thank you Nancy!

Kira S.