Pearl of Wisdom

happy new year 2020
This has been a rough week energetically. I’ve been treating one anxiety case after another. Lots of energy building up that has nowhere to go! It’s hard not to want to speak out about what we think others should be doing right now or what we think is right for the world. I know I’ve gone on a few rants about how things should be done right now!

That being said, this full moon invites us to share opinions of value. We all have little pearls of wisdom inside of us. They come from a place of holding that sacred personal wound for so long that it leaves us with something so beautiful and precious that it forever makes us better. And it becomes something we can share with each other! So share it! You might just change someone’s life with your inspiration. But be careful of being too critical or telling someone what to do or how to be. They can figure it out for themselves. We all need love and support. But you can share your beautiful pearls when the timing is right and if that person seems receptive. The way that the oyster nurtures that grit to eventually become the pearl is the energy needed to nurture all of our trials and tribulations so we have something beautiful for the future. If you need to go within and work on that internal critic or internal taskmaster that says it’s gotta this way or that way, just quiet it down and let it be. Rome was not built in a day. It takes time and there are great things coming. Happy full moon! Be well, be safe, be love

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