Keeping Yourself Centered

happy new year 2020

This new moon invites us to consider what can and cannot be transformed. We are asked to adapt to the now moment and adjust to the needs of those around us. But at the same time, not lose sight of the principles we hold near and dear to our heart. Wait for the dust to settle before making any long-term plans. The key right now is to stay flexible and go with the flow.

So if something comes along that throws you off course, don’t worry. This does not mean you will fail. Keeping yourself centered through the eye of the storm is the way to go. A good visualization to do is imagining you have roots that go deep into the earth keeping you steady throughout the day as well as a cord that goes up to the heavens that connect you to spirit so that whatever happens around you, you stay solid. May you stay strong and vibrant as we bend and yield to each other.

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