December 2020 New Moon

happy new year 2020

This year is coming to a close and as we look back we see that the central themes have all been about finding our own inner truth. It has been a real year of transformation and letting go on many levels. And this week falls right in line with that. This new moon on December 14th falls in gate 11 line 1. It is the gate of Peace. The energy for line 1 is that when the time is right to move forward, the wise man will find like minded people drawn to him. His movement will be supported by the others, and bring success. The gift is finding those who will value your ideas.

We have been through the ringer this year. As we contend with all of the things that cause us to suffer, it may feel like we don’t have a whole lot of options. But ultimately we are learning to discriminate better and to throw away all of the false realities that aren’t serving us anymore — and this can look different for each one of us. It is not a one size fits all kind of world and that is what we need to realize. This week we’re asked to take stock of who we are deep inside us personally. Are we aligned with our truth? Are we taking steps to embody that? And now what I see more than anything else is that it is time to lift ourselves up by our bootstraps, brush off the dust and the muck and make our hearts all shiny again (just in case you feel you’ve lost your luster 😉)

May you know yourself, may you know peace, May you have trust in the process.

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