Solstice Lessons

happy new year 2020

Some pretty powerful lessons are being presented to us for this new moon/summer solstice/solar eclipse on June 21. The sun is in gate 15, the gate of extremes, or modesty. Modesty in the traditional sense of the word is always a matter of balancing extremes. But in order to truly be modest, it takes a certain amount of expansion to be able to let others in. It’s not about backing down or blocking someone, it’s about sharing and finding ways to accept different ways of being in this world. —-
The road to expansion always starts with the self. Ultimately it’s in getting to know ourselves better than we can serve humanity and the earth better.

This weekend’s alignments really represent a turning point for our whole collective evolution. It’s basically an initiation into a new way of being both personally and collectively. These energies ask us to use our empathy. Can we imagine what another person is going through? Can we walk in another person’s shoes? This is part of what it is to expand our hearts and allow more healing into the world.

It is truly fitting as we exclaim once and for all that black lives matter and we are taking steps to right our wrongs from so many years of oppression.

In order to nurture others, we first must be able to nurture ourselves. Technically you could do one without the other. Many of us put others before ourselves all the time, but ultimately we realize how unhealthy that is as it depletes us or leaves us feeling unbalanced. Or, we put ourselves before the needs of others because it’s hard to empathize. There can be many reasons that are quite valid. But when we expand our hearts all around, starting with ourselves, we find this love to be all-encompassing. And this safe space within ourselves becomes a safe space for others.

May the love light in all of our hearts continue to grow and expand ever brighter

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