Open Your Heart

happy new year 2020
Right now life is taking us on a ride that’s hard to enjoy. But it is a ride nonetheless and we are all definitely on it. In human design (and life) we see that initiation to higher consciousness is often activated after a shock of some sort. We are all in a bit of shock right now I think. But what this week asks of us is to open our hearts. We have 2 choices, succumb to fear or open to love. We all need to support each other in these times and it is always so inspiring to see us do that. It’s where the magic happens. And now where so many of us are embarking on isolation of sorts, we also have an opportunity to do something for ourselves that’s pretty amazing… going deeper into self-exploration to decide what and how we want to be in the world. What do we truly value? What does that look and feel like? And anything that doesn’t fit that mold can be discarded. This has been the theme of the year. How will we reinvent ourselves? This week it’s about finding love and compassion for ourselves and all we are going through. Start looking at those places that don’t feel good to you and accept that this is part of your ride. The first step to transformation is to see, really see, what’s there laying in the shadows. Wishing you all so much love!

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