Mindset Matters

happy new year 2020
Mindset matters! This week the sun is in Gate 47, the gate of Realization. We are reminded this week that while we can’t find the answers to our life with our minds, we can use our minds to put us in the right direction. When faced with feeling oppressed by whatever life throws our way the best place to start is by checking in with our mindset. In Chinese medicine it is believed that the body follows the mind so mindset is very important. And while we are not our minds per se, it can be a very powerful tool to help us transform from stuck to freedom or from suffering to lightness. Our struggles are here to show us where we need to shine more light in our lives. So keep moving towards your truth and reach out for help if things start getting too rough or heavy. One of my favorite tools I use to help shift my mindset is to act as if my life is exactly the way I want it, even if it’s not quite there yet. I get into that place of what it would feel like in my body. Then start living life as if all is well. We can overcome adversity. And while some limitations are inevitable, they do not have to define who we are.

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