Let Go to Become Who You Might Be

happy new year 2020

Feeling a little lost, melancholy, or frustrated this week?

It’s OK!! There’s nothing wrong with you. And there’s nothing to fix here.

This is a natural state of being especially in the beginning stages of a new phase of life.

When we feel this way, see it as an indication that it’s time to go within because chances are that something wonderful is percolating deep inside in the process of birthing a new you.

And when it comes to our purpose in life, it’s ultimately not about what we do for money necessarily but for who we ARE, and what we BE. Who you are is something that emanates from deep inside.

This full moon is in the 1st gate of the I Ching. It’s full yang creative, inspiring, and masculine energy. But if that’s suppressed, we can feel pretty lifeless in our expression. So if this is the case, just know that’s it’s because there’s something there that’s still waiting to be discovered or integrated.

Conversely, the sun is passing through gate 2, the most yin, feminine, and receptive energy. This calls for us to be truly receptive to the richness of life and all of the beautiful magical things it has to offer us!

A great question to ask yourself is “if I had all the money and resources I needed to survive for the rest of my life, what would I do?” “To what would I dedicate my life?” Sending so much love and peace to all.

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