Change or Progress

happy new year 2020

What future can we create? What reality can we create beyond what we are living in now?

This journey of 2020 has not been easy. And it will continue to throw us challenges along the way. But remain vigilant. Stay the course because there’s really no turning back now.

The best thing we can do for ourselves and humanity is to continue to work on ourselves. We are invited this week to feel into the difference between that place of grief, unworthiness, hopelessness, and despair, or maybe it’s more a place of anger or hatred for self or other, and that place where we know something better is possible.

Close your eyes and notice what’s there. Are you feeling hopeless or hopeful? I had an almost paralyzing bout of despair earlier this week. I stayed with it until I felt it soften inside me. After you stay with it, then bring your awareness back to your higher self, the self that wants to continue on and knows that through all of this separation, there is a unifying force that says WE ARE ALL WORTHY.

Each and every one of us has a special place in the world. But we have been living in a place of duality for so long that change won’t happen easily or quickly. It will take a long time and we need to have patience.
The sun is transiting gate 35, the gate of Change or Progress and we have our full moon #lunareclipse in gate 5, the gate of Fixed Rhythms or Waiting. Use this very powerful eclipse energy to release those things inside you that is keeping you from achieving your dreams. So stay the course. Keep on keeping on. And keep imagining a world where we are all free to shine

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