What if you taking care of your own deep wounds was all that was needed for you to help change the world?

It has been said that “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” As we find ourselves in times of great tribulation, these are also times for great healing. Each of us is responsible for our own healing.

What if you could personally have more Freedom, more Joy, more Connection to Source, more Peace in your world, more Compassion for yourself and others and become more Authentically You?

I believe that what is desperately needed in this time is for us to heal our own emotional wounds. There is so much going on that is difficult to stomach at times. You may feel helpless to do anything. But you’re not! That’s why I’ve created a Wound Warrior Workshop.

All it takes is for you to be able to look at your life and where you have come from and learn to look at it in a new way.

We were each born into this this world with a wound to heal and to integrate. These wounds and challenges are our sacred teachers and our bridge from the mundane to the divine.

  • Have you struggled with self-confidence your whole life?
  • Are you keeping yourself small, not allowing yourself to be seen or shine?
  • Have you always had a hard time expressing yourself?
  • Are you afraid of making mistakes so you never try new things?
  • Do you feel repeatedly abandoned or like the “black sheep”?
  • Are you finding yourself always doing for others but never taking time for yourself?
  • Have you suffered many losses?
  • Have you been a healer to everyone but can’t seem to heal yourself?
  • Are you empathic and unable to find peaceful, balanced relationships?
  • Have you struggled with allowing yourself to relax and just be?

The purpose of this workshop is to help you realize that you are NEVER alone, NEVER broken and NEVER incomplete. You are perfect just the way you are. A perfect piece of this big puzzle of life and we are all meant to fit perfectly together in love and oneness.

BUT there is still work to be done!

Are you ready to help to raise the vibration of the whole planet?

Wound Warrior Workshop

Date: Sunday, September 24th

Time: 9:30am - 5:30pm

Location: Inner Light Holistic Center
1000 Grosser Road and Route 100
Gilbertsville, PA 19525

Price: $149
(includes a free 1/2 hour private follow-up session)

Event Details

Who should attend?

This workshop is not for the faint of heart or for those who have never looked at their pain or worked with a therapist or healer. It is geared towards those who have been on a spiritual path. It is for those who feel called to go deeper into healing. It is for those who have been in therapy and feel ready to shift into a new way of being. It is also for all of those wounded healers out there who want to help make a difference in the world, whether you are a career healer or not. We all have a little piece of wounded healer in us.
Note: For those with deep trauma who have not received any kind of treatment, it is best to schedule sessions one on one.

What to Expect:

This workshop is experiential. Be prepared to be yourself as raw and open as possible. We will focus on creating a safe space for you to do this.

  • Part 1: Sharing Your “Story”
    Each person will have time to talk about their life journey so far.
  • Part 2: FEELING your emotions (EFT Tapping)
    Learn how to turn your deep emotional wound into your greatest teacher in life and learn what is needed to overcome your greatest issues.
  • Part 3: What’s on the Other Side:
    We will go on a meditative journey to connect into what lies beyond our wounds.
  • Part 4: Reality Check — Manifesto for a New Paradigm
    We will take time to do some automatic writing and tune in to our gifts and inspirations.

    Note: I will ask you for your birth information so I can run your human design chart. We will not necessarily discuss your charts in group. It is more for me to help guide and assist you during the process.

Wound Warrior Workshop

Date: Sunday, September 24th

Time: 9:30am - 5:30pm

Location: Inner Light Holistic Center
1000 Grosser Road and Route 100
Gilbertsville, PA 19525

Price: $149
(includes a free 1/2 hour private follow-up session)

How this all came about….

Back in May of this year, 2017 I attended the Astrology Rising, Co-Creating a New Future Conference in Cost Rica hosted by Kaypacha Lescher, teacher and founder of New Paradigm Astrology. In this conference he brought together 12 amazing astrologers and 140 participants from all over the world. I attended because for the past year I have been studying Healing by Human Design. Human Design is a form of astrology that is a synthesis of both western and eastern astrology, the Chinese I Ching, the Chakra system, the Kabbalah, and quantum physics. I wanted to go to the conference for many reasons. I definitely wanted to connect with people of like mind, but I also wanted to learn more about evolutionary astrology and where we are going and how I could help support the evolution of humanity.

One of the pieces of the conference was for groups of us to come together and “co-create” something of benefit to bring into the world. It could be anything. But Kaypacha asked for anyone who felt called to be a leader to step out and for others to join in to help create. So I stepped up. I wanted to do an experiment in healing where we could look at our astrology charts and based on where we had the most challenges or wounding and work to transform it. So the process began…

In the end I had 13 brave amazing souls join me in the experiment. We all got together and for the first phase looked at certain aspects of our charts, especially the placement of a minor planet called Chiron which indicates where we hold the most wounding and what we are here to overcome.

As we sat in sacred circle and told our stories to each other, something incredible happened. The healing had already started just as we sat and listened to each other and held the space for each person to be vulnerable. It almost felt like an AA meeting in a way. Then, in the second phase, we came together and while still holding that story we each told in our hearts, we focused on the emotion and feelings that story invoked in us. As we focused on each emotion or each body sensation, I lead everyone through it using EFT tapping, which is the technique we use in the Healing By Human Design System TM created by Karen Curry Parker. And from that everyone seemed to come to a new place within themselves. For some, it was simply realizing that their wounds were nothing to fear. For others, it was a feeling of a deep freeing of their souls.

But the process did not stop there. As a healer who has been doing this work for many years, I know the importance of needing to keep vibrations up once they shift. Patterns and conditioning that we hold can run very deep and they like to stay that way even after we discover new awareness. So it was my intention to create something that could keep us staying in that that new higher vibration on a daily basis. So we came up with a manifesto. We created it based on everything we discovered while talking and taking in all that was presented through the week.

Another benefit for us was that luckily through the week we were also taken on some amazing meditative healing journeys which only helped lock in the work we did together.
I was so inspired by the efficacy of what we did together that I want to bring this all out to you. I have designed a workshop based on what I have just explained here.

What People Are Saying

My wound from my life is that for a couple of years ago a blocking memory from my childhood suddenly came to the surface. I had gone through deep, deep sorrow, fear, so much anger, offended, abandoned and shame – the whole register of feelings that was captured in my body. I had released the feelings one by one… and in the end I got to the forgiveness, who was the solution to be free! So with this in my backpack I came to Costa Rica and became a member of this amazing group and we were supporting each other to take small steps forward. My gift to the group was the feeling of forgiveness… because that is so important to become whole again. So after a couple of days… we did the tapping-progress… and after that I had a deep meditation experience. In the meditation I met my both parents, and by the way, this day was my mother’s birthday at home…, I met my both parents and I hold both of their hands in my hands, starting with my mother. I hold her hands, felt the understanding and I was grateful to this moment. I felt my love streaming to her and I felt my forgiveness and then I letting her go and she was drifting away out in the ocean. Then I took my fathers both hands, felt the understanding… gratitude… and my love, I let him go and then he was drifting out in the ocean. I did not need to feel something from them… more than letting go… I only felt the wholeness from me, from my heart, my body and my great soul! So grateful to this! And I only felt so much love and so much forgiveness in my heart – so totally free! And my wounds from my childhood are now healed! This was the confirmation of healing and it is giving me a great feeling inside my lovely heart!

Paula H. from Sweden

Well I went to this astrology conference to support my wife and to begin my journey. I booked to do all the lectures but I did not want to do the group sessions at all. We went to listen to all the group leaders my wife went with the dance group I was so drawn to this group. It was about Chiron and healing old wounds and it was headed by Nancy Radice. Nancy made me feel so safe yet I had only known her for a few minutes so I thought I can do this. We were also doing some Tapping on our worst wound which was something that I had not heard a lot about so the next day we had our first meeting to introduce our selves to the group. Well this took me right out of my comfort zone and into my greatest fear talking about my deepest wounds which was all about my coming into this world or not wanting to?? and my father. We all got a chance to talk and listen and it amazed me that I was with people who were suffering just like me. Then I was so privileged to have a one on one session with Nancy. Well she is just amazing with her Tapping work. I had an amazing release and realization of one of my deepest wounds it has opened my eyes changed my life and my thinking. Nancy, I can't thank you enough. Wish I was closer to you so I could do more with you.

Gary M. from Australia

I feel changed really quickly in a good way. Things in my life have revved-up. My energy has shifted and I’m in a really good place. Everything I did with you and the group was so powerful. I feel completely at home in myself. I feel I can be myself and so nurturing to myself. I feel more empowered and like information is just coming through me now. I’m inspired to bridge this between my teaching and my art.

Joanna C. from Pittsburgh PA

What we did in the group with the tapping was really powerful. I feel like it was just the one last thing I needed to help take down my demon inside me. When You have a demon, you can’t just attack it from one direction, you have to come at it from all angles. I feel this did that.

Alice from Romania