Empowerment Coaching

Do you feel like you’re not expressing your full potential? Do you experience the same patterns over and over again? Do you feel like you’ve been working on the same issue forever and it’s still not changing? Are there areas in your life where you've stopped yourself short from pursuing what you really want? Does your mind have a well-worn path of self-defeating inner chatter that keeps you from fully stepping into your brilliance? Are you avoiding doing the things that could bring real, positive change to your life? Do you keep manifesting the same physical challenges that stop you cold?

These are all symptoms of inner pain, rooted in conditioning and energy patterns. If you want to get out of pain, you've got to heal these patterns and break the energy cycle that created them in the first place.

What if you could break free from your old patterns and manifest the full potential of living a truly extraordinary life?

We all experience pain in our lives. As challenging as pain can be, pain is natural and an important part of navigating and creating what you want in your life.

If you're like most people, you've been trying to fix your pain by treating the symptoms but never quite getting to the root source of your pain....

Treating the symptoms of your pain is very important and always the first step to healing. But, if you don't tackle the underlying energetic, emotional and spiritual reasons you are experiencing the pain, you run the risk of experiencing the pain all over again.

To truly move forward, you have to understand what's holding you back. It may be past traumas, genetically imprinted patterns, other people's energy or your fear of letting go that is keeping you from creating a new life.

What if the first step in healing your pain is learning how to uncouple yourself from the energies, mistaken beliefs and motivations that are keeping you stuck?

You're not designed to suffer...and pain is only meant to be temporary.

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What is the true source of pain?

The greatest source of pain of all kinds comes from our imprinting.

As we grow in utero, we experience energy, cellular patterns and biochemical influences from our mother and from the environment around us. When we are born, we continue to be imprinted by our surroundings, our life experiences, the beliefs of our families and the collective energies around us.

Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, our conditioning...our imprinting...creates in us energy, thoughts and behavioral patterns that cause pain and take us away from our true nature.

When any of our life experiences, such as trauma or repeated exposure to negative beliefs and our imprinting take us away from this truth, we forget the perfection of who we really are and we experience pain.

To effectively manage the pain in your life, you've got to know how you're hard-wired and you've got to understand what's causing your pain. There is no cookie cutter and there is no one-size-fits-all protocol. Before you can really get to the root of your pain, you've got to understand who you are, what challenges are unique to you and your specific way of getting to the root of what's hurting you.

When you understand the root of your pain, it helps you tackle it with greater awareness, on a much deeper level.

Your pain becomes your teacher and your experience with pain helps you gain greater self-awareness and deeper, more permanent healing.

How does Empowerment Coaching work?

Using a system called Human Design which is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I'Ching, the Chakra System, Kabbalah and Quantum Physics, and by using a deep questioning of your body mind and spirit, we can discover the root of what is keeping you stuck. Then with the powerful system of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a meridian based system using tapping on acupuncture points, we will work to gently shift your consciousness to a lighter, more empowered way of being.

Together we will explore what’s not feeling good in your life and where you are specifically experiencing pain so you can become more resilient and empowered in your everyday living. We will explore areas such as your lovability, courage, decisiveness, emotional wisdom, self-trust, vitality, authenticity and self-worth.

You will also learn strategies to help you align with your abundance based on your unique type.

After your first session we will assess a good pace for you. Frequency can be once a week to once a month or whatever works for you.

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